Azura is fully committed to ensure community rights are respected and all environmental and social matters are addressed, in line with international best practice and local legislation and regulation. 

To this end, Azura works with leading experts such as ERM, a leading environmental consultant approved by the World Bank, to conduct the technical assessments required by the World Bank, IFC and all investors in the project, specifically:

  1. An Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), which assesses the key impacts of the project on the environment and society in and around the location, and
  2. A Resettlement Action Plan (RAP), which assesses the impact upon the local communities that arise from the relocation of house-owners and businesses and outlines a clear action plan to relocate the communities as well as the levels of compensation payable.

Final copies of the Environmental Impact Assessment and the associated Resettlement Action Plan are available for download from the World Bank website.

Azura has also prepared a Community Action Plan, with a leading NGO and ERM, to implement the recommendations of the ESIA and RAP. Furthermore, Azura is committed to providing long term support to the community and will shortly be conducting an assessment of the needs of the local communities to ensure that adequate resources are dedicated to those areas of support that are most needed.