The Azura-Edo IPP is a 461MW open cycle gas turbine power station and the first project to be developed by Azura Power Holdings.

After over six years in development, we reached financial close for Phase 1 on 28 December 2015.  Construction started on 5 January 2016 and was led by a consortium of Julius Berger Nigeria, Nigeria's pre-eminent construction firm, and Siemens, one the world's leading global power companies. We completed construction and became fully operational in May 2018 (eight months ahead of schedule).

Our Mission

People ask us 'what is Azura's purpose or mission? What drives us?'  Well, very simply, it is about two things:

- Firstly, to help bring about positive change to the lives of millions of people across Nigeria. We all know that electricity is a 'game changer' and can dramatically improve standards of living, help to build commerce and industry and provide much needed power to public services like schools and hospitals.  We are on a mission to achieve this.

- Secondly we see it as our duty and responsibility to play an active role in helping make our country become an attractive destination for investors, one that will make us all stand proud amongst the world's international community.  We need substantial local and international investment to help build the electricity infrastructure in Nigeria and, to this end, we have spent many years working with the Federal Government of Nigeria, the World Bank and other important stakeholders to create a blueprint for the industry.  Whilst we have some way to go, we won't give up until we reach our goal.

Our Vision

Azura-Edo is a young company but with bold dreams - we are striving to become a world-class power company and indeed one of Africa’s leading and most respected businesses attracting and retaining the best talent whilst making a significant contribution to the communities in which we operate.  

We want to be known as the most transparent company in the country, not least because this helps to build confidence with our customers, suppliers, investors and other stakeholders.  We want to invest in our people so that we can develop the locals skills and expertise required to run a world class company.  And we want to work closely with our neighbours and communities, to listen to and respond to their challenges so that we can help in our own small way.  

There is no reason why Nigerians - and Azura-Edo - should not demand for the 'best in class' in everything ... why should we settle for anything less?!